Investements In Misurata Free Zone (MFZ)

Investments in Misurata free zone covers all areas of economics such as industrial, commercial , services and contracting and that is through the establishments of companies or setting up branches of existing companies whether if they are domestic or foreign and also available for legal & ordinary entities

Application Forms

For Investment Activity In Misurata Free Zone

Establishing companies and setting up companies branches in the free zone are in accordance to regulation No 252 of 2005,which was set the minimum capital of company establishment in the free zone.

project impact on the environment

request for establishing a company or company branch  

 Area of  Investment

Fields of Investment & Economic Activities at MFZ

  • Constructing establishments and facilities needed for industrial, commercial, and service-providing activities
  • Carrying out transit trade activities
  • Performing industrial and other different transforming operations which may change, modify and/or prepare goods and products to meet trade exchange and market demand.
  • Conducting manufacturing operations such as mixing, cleansing, wrapping, adding, refilling and re-packing
  • Providing insurance, banking and financial services and any other logistics needed for investment at MFZ
  •  Supplying oil and gas fields with logistical support
  • Engaging in tourism- and service-oriented activities; and/or
  • Storing goods; which include transit goods, products ready for export, and goods imported and/or manufactured at MFZ

Investors privileges and exemptions

  • Zero personal or corporate income tax.
  • No customs duties, import/export taxes.
  • No restrictions on recruiting labor.
  • Reliable and inexpensive power utilities.
  • possibility of transferring company’s ownership.
  • No restrictions on in/out cargo traffic.
  • No restrictions on in/out cargo traffic.