Misrata Free Zone

Misurata Free Zone is the first free-trade economic zone to be established on the Libyan territory In accordance to Law No. 9/2000, regulating free trade activities, and aiming at diversification of revenue sources, enhancing local economy’s performance and opening employment and training opportunities through the creation of an attractive investment environment for various economic activities and transit trade through optimal utilization of the local potentials and resources available, such as the distinct strategic geographical location and presence of the seaport

Overview About Free Zone

The free zones are considered to be one of  the most important economic resources for its active role in the trade exchange movements between countries for its exemption from all tax restriction to encourage investment establishments that leads to a good economic return to all parties and contribute for the establishment of a giant economy and facilitate the movement of the global trade in advanced investment environment, free zones are designated and organized by law to host industrial, commercial and service operations that are advertised to all who wish to invest.

To benefit of the superb country location and for the purpose of diversifying the national economy base , resource revenue  and expanding the performance of the national economy through  an effectively employing of the potential local manpower available to attract foreign capital and investors .Misurata free zone was created among other development projects. And in order to organize and facilitate the work flow in free zone , a regulation act No(9) was introduced to organize transit trade, as a recognition of its important by the Libyan state the first free zone in Libya was established in the city of Misurata on a total area of about 3500 hectares including the sea port who enjoys many features and  the potential for future expansion up to 20,000 hectares.


To be a pioneer Investor hub in the field of free-trade zones for the Mediterranean basin countries


Our Motto

We enhance the local economy and create work opportunities

Our Goals

– Support the Libyan economy and contribute to its growth and diversification of revenue sources.

– Create employment and training opportunities.

– Transfer of knowledge and technology to Libyan nationals


To contribute to the development and prosperity of the local economy by diversifying revenue sources and development of an attractive investment environment for investors, through optimal utilization of the local potentials and resources available, within sustainable growth

Features of Misurata Free Zone


  • Strategic location and mild climate.
  • Seaport located within and operated by the Free Zone.
  • An international city airport. 
  • Availability of energy and water sources at the local market price.
  • Availability of investment land plots.
  • Availability of raw materials in close proximity to the Free Zone. Trucks fleet equipped for land transportation.
  • City’s renowned history for various trade activities.
  • Suitable investment environment of all fields.

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