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Today (Saturday, 09/18/2021), the Chairman of the Management Committee of Misurata Free Zone (Eng. Mohsen Al-Saqutari), along with members of the Management Committee and the General Director (Eng. Ayman Al-Darwish), welcomed the Public Affairs Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior (Major General Mahmoud Saeed), the Head of Passports, Nationality and Foreigners Affairs (Brigadier Youssef Murad), the Director of the General Department of Security Operations (Major General Ali Al-Nuwaisri), and the Director of the Office of the Public Affairs Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior (Brigadier Tariq Kaiba).

There was an introduction about Misurata Free Zone and a discussion about enforcing and supporting the role of the Security Directorate at the port. There was a discussion about the activities of various security agencies, preventing interference and overcoming problems and obstacles.

The Undersecretary stressed the role of all security agencies and their role in achieving security control over the port and adhering to the tasks of each security agency. He also stressed providing all support to help Misurata Free Zone achieve its economic objectives.

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