Procedure And Fees

required for investment

Supporting documents and applications for establishing company at MFZ

by one or more juridical individuals

  • Filling the application Form No.1 for establishing a company, duly signed by the investor(s).
  • Filling the HSE Form, providing project’s  environmental effects report.
  • Brief project description.
  • Board decision to setup a company at MFZ.
  • Parent company’s profile.
  • The articles of incorporation and an abstract of the commercial register of the investor(s).*
  • A bank statement and recommendation.
  • Suitable investment environment of all fields.

Supporting documents and application for establishing a company at MFZ

by one or more individuals

  • Filling the application Form No.1 for establishing a company or a branch company, dully signed by the investor(s).
  • Filling the  HSE Form attached with  the  project’s environmental effects  report.
  • Brief project description.
  • A bank statement and recommendation.

Procedures for obtaining approval to setup a branch company at MFZ

  • Filling the application Form No.1  for establishing a company or setting up a branch company dully signed by the investor(s).
  • Filling the HSE Form , providing project’s environmental effects report.
  • A brief project description.
  • Company board decision to set up a company branch at MFZ, it’s assurance to comply with all financial obligations

  •  *Parent company’s profile

  • Memorandum and articles of association of the parent company.*
  • Bank statement and recommendation.

Procedures and fees

 required to obtain a business license at MFZ 

  1. Deposit the amount of ( $10,000) or the equivalent of (10%) of the gross capital , does not exceed  the amount of ($ 100,000).
  2. Payment for company’s registration certificate of ($3,500).
  3. Open two local company bank accounts, domestic and foreign currency accounts.
  4. Deposit of a company capital in foreign currency, no less than ($100,000) in the company bank account.
  5.  Assigning of company’s representative, passport copy and attested signature required.*
  6. Signing of  the company’s incorporation article Form .
  7. Issuing and signing of land space lease contract.
  8. Deposit the value amount of three months’ rent as a rent guarantee.
  9. Receiving of site and starting preparations according to the approved technical specification .
  10. Payment for the annual rent value of ($8.00/m2) for the commercial and service activates, and ($6.00/m2) for the industrial activity.
  11. Payment for business startup license of ($2000.00), annually renewable fees of ($1000.00).

Documents to be endorsed by the chamber of commerce and Libyan Embassy at the investor’s country