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A delegation from Misurata Free Zone, headed by the Chairman and General Manager of the free zone, visited the State of South Korea on 06/12/2013, answering an invitation by Sekoro Holding Company. The purpose of the visit was getting closely acquainted with the South Korean companies specializing in the fields of port automation and development, information technology and security, as well as to introduce Misurata Free Zone to senior officials in the field of investment and businessmen in the State of South Korea. There was a visit to a number of Korean institutions and companies, including the Korean Port Authority, the Pusan ​​Port, the Federation of Korean Small and Medium Companies representing 99% of the total number of operating companies and 88% of the total employees in South Korea. There was also a visit to Masan Free Zone, discussing means to initiate cooperation.

During this visit, there was a meeting with a member of the Korean Parliament, Mr. Jo Young, the candidate for the presidency of the southern states of South Korea and the man in charge of the ports and maritime transport sector. In this meeting, the free zone and the commercial port were introduced and the advantages and facilities provided by the zone to investors as well as the laws and legislations that protect the foreign investor were clarified. The member of Parliament expressed his full willingness to support the projects of the free zone and agreed that a delegation from the Ports Authority would visit Misurata Free Zone. This visit also discussed opening branches for some major companies in the free zone to manufacture giant screens, assembling Hyundai cars and water technologies and displays.

There was also a visit to the offices of the Libyan embassy which confirmed full readiness to provide all kinds of support and assistance. At the end of this business trip, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Misurata Free Zone and Sekoro Company and its subsidiaries in order to broaden prospects for cooperation between the two parties.

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