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Today marked a step that would pave the way for the launch of the transit trade activity towards the south of Libya, up to the African countries, and create effective networking between southern and northern Libya, leading to spatial development and providing direct and indirect job opportunities in the localities of southern Libya.

On this day, there was a field visit to Tamanhint Airport featuring a top meeting. The meeting included the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and an accompanying delegation from Misurata Free Zone, the President and members of the Municipal Council of Wadi Al-Bawanis and some concerned entities. The aim was to establish a branch of Misurata Free Zone in a section of the airport to be allocated for this purpose. The meeting addressed many necessary arrangements to implement this promising project, which would help initiate the activities of transit trade and the settlement of investment projects according to the capabilities available at the airport as well as the current capabilities, legislation and distinguished geographical location of Misurata Free Zone and seaport.

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