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A delegation from Yildirim Holding Company (the giant and the fastest growing of the Turkish industry) visited Misurata Free Zone on (Saturday and Sunday) 26, 27 June 20212, in order to explore investment opportunities, advantages and exemptions. The delegation included the owner, the chairperson of the board of directors and the general manager as well as a group of regional managers of the company.

This company has branches in 51 countries spread over 4 continents with 13,000 employees. The company is active in nine major business fields and encompasses a group of holding companies such as YilPort which is a subsidiary company ranking 12 globally and specializing in the management and operation of ports. Yilport manages and operates 22 ports in several countries (such as Italy, Malta, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Peru, and Canada) with a portfolio of more than $ 2 billion.

Yildirim Holding Company also works in other high-investment activities such as mining, raw materials, energy, fertilizers, and shipbuilding, in addition to being the first coke supplier in Turkey.

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