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His Excellency the Maltese Ambassador to the Libyan State and an accompanying delegation, along with the Director of the Libyan Businessmen Office, visited the city of Misurata on Tuesday morning, 22/10/2010.

This visit to the city of Misurata began by a stopover at the headquarters of the Free Zone Company. The guests were received by members of the company’s management headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.

The Chairman welcomed this visit, aiming to increase and consolidate international cooperation between the two countries in all development fields, especially in the field of seaports business. In his speech, he also articulated calls for Maltese companies and businessmen to invest in Libya and to support the national economy by investing in Misurata Free Zone. This would be for the investment opportunities it offers in all fields and by virtue of the security and stability witnessed in this city and with the availability of other capabilities in the city, such as the International Airport that facilitates the process International and local business.

The meeting also included a documentary explaining the progress of work in the port and the ongoing development activities.

For his part, the Maltese ambassador expressed his delight with his visit to the city of Misurata and gratitude for the hospitality. He stressed that his country was fully prepared to provide support to the Libyan people in all fields, especially in the fields of education, medicine, tourism and sports. He also indicated that he would urge Maltese companies and businessmen to invest in Libya, especially in Misurata Free Zone, due to the good investment opportunities it offered and that the good timing to offer support to the Libyan national economy. He also indicated that the consulate of the Republic of Malta would be opened in the city of Misurata soon, in order to strengthen cooperation ties between the two countries and facilitate the procedures for obtaining a European visa

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