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On the occasion of convening the Council of the Elders and Shura of Libya in the city of Misurata Al-Samoud, the members of the council, in coordination with the local council in the city of Misurata, visited the site of Misurata Free Zone last Thursday, 07/11/2013, aiming to explore ongoing projects and get closely acquainted with the progress of this Libyan economic facility. The guests were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Director of the Marketing and Cooperation Department.

Having welcomed the guest, the Chairman of the Board of Directors introduced the free zone as well as the investment activities and the ongoing development projects therein. He also explained the objectives for which the free zone was established, including the advancement of the national economy, the creation of new direct and indirect job opportunities for all Libyans, as well as the localization of knowledge and technology in the country.

The visit concluded with a field visit inside the seaport to learn about the progress of work and the ongoing projects therein. In addition, the guests were briefed on infrastructure projects for investment spaces in the free zone. At the end, the guests praised the efforts made by the administration of Misurata Free Zone to make this project a success.

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