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On Saturday (April 14, 2018), a joint meeting was held between the Municipality of Misurata and the Municipality of Ghadames with the theme: “The Role of Free Zones in Development and Strengthening Stability” and with sponsorship of the Free Zone in Misurata. The meeting, held in the Conference Hall of the Training Center of Misurata Free zone, included members of the two municipalities and notable councils, some members of the Supreme Council of State, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine in the Government of National Accord, representatives of the Development Authority of Ghadames, Misurata Branch of Trade and Development Bank and representatives of the Malaysian company Bionas (specialized in biofuel production).

This meeting came to discuss means of cooperation in field of transit trade projects and the establishment of new free zones in Libya. The meeting also explored the vision of the Bionas Company in investing in biofuels and development projects in Libya. The meeting dealt with investment opportunities and economic integration between the municipalities of Misurata and Ghadames in this context.


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