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In a rescue mission that is the largest of its kind for a ship anchored in the port of the free zone, the ship A.Celtic-Challenger was rescued from drowning inside the basin of the port of Misurata Free Zone as a result of a failure inside the engine room on Wednesday, 06/18/2014. We express sincere gratitude for the efforts made by the personnel of the Security and Public Safety, Maritime Affairs, Maintenance, Handling and Storage, Divers, Maritime Inspection Office and everyone who contributed to this rescue mission.

We would like to especially thank the Security, Safety and Firefighting personnel of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company and the Civil Defense personnel in Misurata for their participation to prevent the occurrence of this sinking disaster. The flow of water into the ship was completely controlled on Thursday, thanks to the efforts of all these men.

Greetings of appreciation and recognition to All.

Praise be to Allah, the Almighty.

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