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#follow_maintenance On this beautiful morning, we recognize the maintenance team (technicians and engineers) at the grain silo of Misurata Free Zone port.

Mar 11, 2021 | Archive

Their diligence and dedication to work resulted in devising an innovative method to restore the process of unloading grain from ships to the silo known as (delivery from the warehouse).

The team installed a platform (supporting the unloading pipes) in the middle of the berth area between the ship and the silo. These unloading pipes were connected to the ship that transported grain directly to the silo, by means of a special mobile tower to suction the grain and pump it through the pipes to reach the silo. Admiring such an achievement, we express our sincere thanks to the team for their efforts to carry out immediate and routine maintenance of machinery and silo equipment in order to push the wheel of work forward.