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SL TWEETY arrives to misurat free zone sea port

2021/12/27, the ship (SL TWEETY) affiliated with Volta shipping line, and its agent The Anchor Company for Navigation Agencies,was arrived from the ports of China, Korea and Saudi Arabia with a load (1090) container to be handled as follows - 760 misurata containers....

Lecture entitled “Integrated Pest Control”

Abdulhadi Ali Al Aswad, Director of Training at Orkin Libya, which specializes in pest and rodent management, gave a training lecture titled "Integrated Pest Control" on Monday morning, December 20, 2021, to raise the culture of pest control and how to deal with it...

Cavallai Queen Arrival

Cavallai Queen Arrival

The passenger ship Cavallai Queen landed at Misrata Naval Station on Tuesday morning, November 16, 2021, in preparation for the station's official opening and the start of tourist flights and passenger transportation to and from Misrata.

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